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Fujitsu ARTG36LHTA 10.5KW (Cooling)/12.1KW (Heating)

We are offering a super ducted website special for all our customers.
With over 30 years servicing the Illawarra we are your local experts to help you with all your air conditioning needs.

We are offering Budget and Premium specials on the Fujitsu ARTG36LHTA 10.5KW (Cooling)/12.1KW (Heating)
  • Budget Special: Fujitsu ARTG36LHTA 10.5KW (Cooling)/12.1KW (Heating) fully installed For $7500.
This comes with:
  • 6 Round fully insulated round ceiling air diffuser.
  • 24v Zoning system to suit 2 zone system (Night&Day) or (Beds&Living)
  • All duct work R.1 rated insulation
  •  Isolation switch to be mounted next to Outdoor unit as per Australian standards
  •  Ducted system to have its own dedicated circuit with an RCD breaker as per Australian standards.
  •  Fujitsu backlight controller.
  •  And much more

Premium Special: 

This comes with all of the above but in lieu of the standard 24v 2 zone zoning system for the Brand new air touch 4!

The air touch 4 allows you to individually control every room in your house either from the all in 1 modern tablet style control or from your desired smart device.

Not only does the air touch 4 have the ability to control individual rooms it also controls the air-conditioning system which eliminates the need for two controllers (Fujitsu remote and Touchpad zone control). Just an all in one ultra modern control.

All for a further $2500 more than the Budget Special 

Please note the air touch can be used with all major brands.

For more information please check out this link AirTouch4




Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any other further information and to see if this is a deal that will suit your needs.

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