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Marksmen will price match installation price with any of the big stores.

We have been around for over 25 years and have seen it all.
Lately we have been concerned about misleading advertisements from the big stores with their air-conditioning installation pricing, ridiculously low prices too good to be true usually are when you read the *fine print*

To give you some context, big stores are taking out big adds saying they will install from $499.
What goes unnoticed is:

  • Its only up to a 3.5kW it then goes to $599 , $699, $799 as the sizes get bigger.
  • Power supply is not included and the customer is responsible to organise that. (Standard power supply starts at $200)
  • No slab or bracket for the outdoor to sit on (Slab $50 bracket $150)
  • Along with much more.

These are just a few hidden costs you will encounter which you can see quickly add up!

We pride ourselves on being able to give our customers a quote which includes all the necessary materials for their unique installation, and if we are unable to physically attend the site prior to the job we give full transparency on what extras the customer may encounter.

We can give a Bare Bones installation price the same as the stores and beat their prices and a breakdown of what the extras will cost e.g. slab or bracket.

Or we can give an all inclusive price that may seem to be more upfront but when you break down what we offer you it will become clear that we will beat the big stores price and give you a better customer experience, because to us you are not just another number.

Please don’t fall for misleading advertisements and keep your business local.
Take a look at some of our specials on this page and you will see some great value.


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